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Rozen debuted at the 84th API China
2019-06-19 14:00:00

Since the beginning of the year, affected by the outbreak of coVID-19 around the world, medicine exhibition are all press "pause" button. On June 9th, with the strong support and safety guarantee from Qingdao municipal government, API China, the first medicine exhibition in 2020, finally resumed! Ronzen's CEP sterile ultra clean series products were grandly launched in this exhibition. With the perfect combination of independent innovative technology and professional experience,  Rozen's CEP packaging was a stunning debut.

In this exhibition, the medical industry customers are in urgent need of products and technologies such as aseptic protection and microbial isolation, and the audience of the on-site pharmaceutical industry is in an endless stream. Release from our company independent research and development of cutting-edge "black" of science and technology, more intelligent cleaning effect AI technology, just to be close the current concerns and needs of the market, thousands of clients to let is booth to listen to, a lot of people stopped to inquire for a long time, they said to let is praised by the new technology, will follow up the trial is not always.

Multi-effect AI intelligent cleaning technology, as the core technology of Rongzheng, has attracted the attention of customers in various industries with its derivative products such as ultra-clean coil, ultra-clean sterilization bag, overhead bag and transfer bag. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development enterprise customers working in the field is put forward in the sterile transport demand protection pain points, after listen to our technology, showed great interest in our equipment manufacturers CEPBAG ® ultra clean head bag very attention, the traditional injection customers workshop producing frozen powder injection technology of RTP transport bag after special praise.

In response to the complicated and changeable global epidemic prevention and control environment, the amazing appearance of Rongzheng Medicine in this exhibition injected a shot of strength into the take-off of China's pharmaceutical industry. In the face of the complex international environment, we should turn the difficult situation into an opportunity for innovation and creation. Adhering to the concept of "breeding new opportunities in crisis and creating new ones in changing situations", Rongzheng Medical has brought the research and development of aseptic ultra-clean protection technology into full play, so as to benefit the safety of millions of families!