The solution to medical aseptic packaging

+Microbial barrier:LRV≥5.2   (ASTM F 1608)

+Endotoxin Limit≤0.25EU/ml   (ANSI/AAMI ST 72-2002)

+Comply with ISO13485、ISO9001、OHSAS 18001、ISO14001 standard

+Lnsoluble Particle:Diameter ≥5 μm, ≤100 (pieces /ml); Diameter ≥10 μm, ≤20 (pieces /ml); Diameter ≥25 μm, ≤2 (pieces /ml)

+Microbial Limit:The number of bacteria shall not exceed 100cfu/ 100c㎡, the number of mold and yeast shall not exceed 10cfu/ 100c㎡, and the number of Escherichia coli shall not be detected

Optional material:Tyvek®1073B, Tyvek®1059B, Tyvek®4058B, Tyvek®4041B, DS-70g, DS-60g, HDPE
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